Who turned the lights off. The individuals at Ellusionist have transformed in restricted amounts the smooth bicycle black tiger playing cards, contained a totally black deck front and again with little sprinkles of red and white. The bicycle black tiger deck quickly has that solid, strong, attractive lands that attracts you. They shout professionalism, its difficult to prevent your eyes from focusing on them on the grounds that they are madness average to take a gander at. 

They are so superb infact in the wake of demonstrating to them to a relative they asked for them from me after i did this survey. Hows that for playing cards having moment sex claim. It must have something to do with most individuals not being familiarize to seeing black tiger cards on a normal groundwork. So when they do set eyes on a black and white deck it softens their little heart. 

These cards feel smooth with no staying or bunching when fanning or rearranging. I'd say they are more than fine for anybody looking to utilize them as an execution deck. Your group of onlookers will without a doubt be awed. Two thumbs for the bicycle black tiger deck.